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SMS : Surgical Multimedia System

ICN METRIS has been providing innovative, high-definition, digital integration solutions for operating rooms worldwide for over 20 years. We work every day to provide customised turnkey solutions which facilitate and optimise the work of medical staff.

The SMS software suite is at the heart of all of the solutions offered by ICN METRIS. The products in the SMS line are flexible, reliable and intuitive. They are fully configurable to the needs and technical
characteristics of each organisation.



Our products : 


Visualise digital patient examinations inside the operating room


- Connection to your PACS and Information System to recover examinations directly from the patient file

- Recovery and reading of patient examinations from a USB key or Dicom CD/DVD

- Examination displays on operating room monitors via a DICOM viewer adapted for contrast reinforcement

- Multiple touch screen commands for examinations (zoom, rotation, annotation, measurements, printing, …)

- Made-to-measure display (full screen, split picture, …)


Record images from operating room equipment


- HD image recording of the operating room equipment destined for PACS or patient file archiving

- Recording activation operated by the surgeon from the endoscopy column camera heads, using a pedal or touch screen

- Live visualisation of recorded images on the touch screen o Local storage backup of video files and export onto a USB key

- Mobile material which can be used in several operating rooms

- System upgradable with future video integration solutions


Broadcast audio and video streams outside of the hospital


- Live image transmission from the operating room to outside of the hospital

- Live reception of images outside of the hospital to the operating room

- Two-way audio communication

- Compatible connection with the various video conference codecs available on the market

Our solutions : 

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Select and send video sources from the operating room to other hospital rooms


- Live transmission of images from the operating room to one or several hospital rooms (staff rooms, conference rooms, offices, …)

- Choice of video source broadcasted by the operating room

- Display and tracking of all video sources on the different operating room monitors

- Access up to 20 different operating rooms from remote workstations

- Piloting (ex. PTZ camera) from doctor’s offices / staff rooms

- Two-way audio communication

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Record and archive all images directly from the operating room


- Full HD Recording (1080p50) of operating room multimedia content (photo and/or video of the operation)

- Recording activation operated by the surgeon from the endoscopy column camera heads, using a pedal or touch screen

- Local video file storage back-up on a digital device (ex. USB key) or server (physical or virtual)

- Connection to your PACS and information system (optional)

- Write-up and export of operation reports and image annotation

- Access to the server from the surgeon’s office via a web application (optional)

- Creation of a virtual dedicated and proprietary server for data storage

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Manage, consult, select, broadcast and integrate all video and audio sources from the operating room into your Information System


- Features of the ICN Routing & Streaming solution with supervision

- Features of the ICN Record & Archiving solution o Import, display and export of all data contained in your PACS and information system

- Centralised access to all operating room information (videos, reports, images, planning)

- Connection to surgeon profiles with personal user names for recovering patient work lists and their examinations

- Equipment piloting from the operating room (table, lighting, camera, air conditioning,…) via the panel PC (optional)



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